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Welcome to National Foodcycle Week!

Let’s share the bounty of America’s backyard gardens with each other and the less fortunate. Our food banks, shelters and soup kitchens have a tremendous need for fresh produce and other perishables like eggs and milk. Every little bit can make a big difference.

National Foodcycle Week kicked off in Tucson, Arizona in October 2015. This spring participation spread to California, Washington and beyond. Be the first to represent your state or neighborhood and spread the word!

Look here to find out where to take your garden produce to deserving food charities:

Awareness weeks are held every April and October, but you can join the movement any time! Just tell us in the Comments section below, or on our Facebook Group what and how much you would like to grow or donate and to which charity, and we’ll add you to our list of 2016 Participants!

Please ask for a copy of our flyer! It is available as a .pdf, .pub and .docx. We will even customize it for you and type in the name of the non-profit you want to support. Email

You can host a Foodcycle Week in your home town! Here’s how to get started.

And here are some additional ideas for activities that you can do as individuals and families to support Foodcycling:

  • Host a produce drop off party. You can do this at home, a park, or a church parking lot. Serve lemonade, ice tea and snacks.
  • Share our flyer with your friends, neighbors, school parents, coworkers, church.  Call your local food banks and soup kitchens to see who will take fresh produce and print their name in the available box.
  • Plan and start a Foodcycle Garden.  Similar to the concept of a World War II Victory Garden, this would be a garden devoted to supporting non-profits who need fresh produce. Even an individual row or bed would be a great contribution!
  • Hold a fundraiser to support a non-profit or urban garden.
  • Volunteer at a local urban farm or non-profit farm.
  • Send us your photos and ideas!